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Intruder alarms

Smartsheald Security Services Ltd, in Chester-le-Street, are your number 1 choice for the best quality burglar alarms.

Distributors of Honeywell products

Smartsheald Security Services Ltd utilise the some of the best security products on the market. Honeywell is the choice of the experts, which means you can be sure of quality products, installed by experienced technicians.

Intruder alarms - at a glance

• Top quality security products

• Peace of mind for you

• Expert installation

• All at a competitive price

Get in touch today to discuss your specific requirements for intruder alarms.

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the building or that part of it or inflicts or attempts to inflict on any person therein any grievous bodily harm. However, there are also people that you might simply define as intruders. 


Ensure nobody trespasses on your property by having us install quality intruder systems to quite literally raise the alarm!

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A burglar is defined as anyone who enters any building or part of a building (ie a building they are allowed in, but a particular room in it which they are not allowed access) as a trespasser and steals or attempts to steal anything in